"Digitization made easy"

More and more cultural heritage institutions have a demand for accurate 3D digitization. CultArm3D offers repeatable high quality at the push of a button while ensuring object safety at all times.

Operating in a class of its own, it combines intelligent view planning with color-faithful capture of arbitrary objects with challenging surface materials. High-resolution and web-ready results are delivered in standardized 3D file formats (OBJ, GLB).

CultArm3D is a mobile turn-key solution combining a modular design with unmatched ease-of-use.

Our Configurations.

Made in Darmstadt, Germany
The City of Science


The Cultarm3D In Action

This makes CultArm3D stand out.

Best in Class

Thanks to Fraunhofer's unique autonomous digitization technology, CultArm3D captures the most challenging surface materials such as gold, bronze or ivory in unmatched repeatable high quality

Built for Safety

At all times, your precious artifacts are protected by multiple Hard- and Software safeguards to ensure digitization compliant with standards for detail and color reproduction.

Easy to use

Mobility and versatility, simple setup and operation allow effortless performance at the push of a button.

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Our Configurations.



CultArm3D DT10

CultArm3D GT10


Max. Scan Volume

Maximum Object Dimensions [cm]

Diameter: 50
Height: 100
Diameter: 40
Height: 80
Diameter: 80 Height: 200

Max. Load

Maximum Loading Object-Weight [kg]

60 201000


Specialized Cultural Heritage Camera System

Phase One iXG 100MPPhase One iXG 100MPPhase One
iXG 100MP

Autonomous Scanning

Adaptive view planning for arbitrary objects

Metadata Editor

CH Metadata Editor compatible with Europeana Data Model (EDM)

Ready-to-use 3D Models

Automatic post-processing workflow delivers high resolution and web-ready 3D models in standard formats (OBJ, GLB)

Capture Config C1

resolution: 20 µm
(lens S-K 72 + CHD-D50 ringlight v3.0)

Capture Config C2

resolution: <15 µm
(lens S-K 120 + CHD-D50 ringlight v2.0)

Automatic 360 Photo Capturing

360 outside-in Photography

Scanning from below

3D digitization through a revolving glass plate

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