CultArm3D FT10 The versatile setup

Agrippina (Capitoline Museums, Rome)
Digitized in collaboration with: LVR Bonn

3D-Digitization for wide Ranges of Artifacts

by CultArm3D

Enhances exposure, research capabilities and conservation

The demand for digitization in the cultural heritage sector is steadily growing. The growing awareness about digitization is supported by the european comission through establishing guidelines for 3D-digitization of cultural heritage

Often the goals in institutions span across many areas. From creating digital exhibitions, opening up collections for research opportunities or simply conserving artifacts in the most timeless fashion. Therefore many of our partners urged us to create a system for a wider range of artifacts and we developed the CultArm3D FT10, which combines versatility with exceptional quality.

CultArm3D FT10

6D Positioning System

Turning Platform

Camera System

PhaseOne iXG,


<15 μm

Max. Loading Weight

1000 kg

Max. Scan Volume

diameter: 80cm
height: 200cm

Agrippina (Capitoline Museums, Rome)
Digitized in collaboration with: LVR Bonn

Highest Quality

The FT10 utilizes a highly advanced and calibrated camera system with an iXG camera and flat field optics with Schneider Kreuznach lenses. Operating in a class of its own, it combines intelligent view planning with color-faithful capture of arbitrary objects with challenging surface materials. High-resolution and web-ready results are delivered in standardized 3D file formats (OBJ, GLB).

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Our Configurations

The FT10 autonomously measures volume and dimensions

Digitization at the push of a button​

This system offers everything needed for digitization purposes other than the person pushing the button and organizing the artifact metadata. The autonomy of the system ensures that the least amount of workforce is needed and still providing institutions with ready-to-use 3D-assets. These results come in formats usable for digital exhibitions, research or advanced conservation purposes.

Safety by design​

At all times, the precious artifacts are protected by multiple hard- and software safeguards. This ensures digitization that is compliant with standards for detail and color reproduction.

The light-weight collaborative robot arm is designed to work next to human operators and is equipped with multiple force and position sensors that gives the control software full awareness of the situation. Every motion is first simulated and checked for safety (in a virtual 3D environment) before it is slowly and smoothly carried out.

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Results from Cultural Heritage Institutions

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Ohrring Javagold, ID: 01047

Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum Mannheim

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Schnabelkanne, ID: WI EV1994/233/1

Keltenwelt am Glauberg

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Dodekaeder, ID: FMb 2103

Römerkastell Saalburg

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