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Guest Story: Westwork and Civitas Corvey

From fragments towards digital reconstruction

In 1992 an interesting discovery was made at the Westwerk Corvey. The renowned Corvey scientist Professor Dr. Hilde Claussen found sinopies on the masonry in the mainhall of the Johanneschoir. 30 years previously stucco pieces were found in a floor renovation. When she was able to match those stucco pieces with the sinopies on the masonry, the sensation was perfect. The goal became to document the UNESCO world heritage site in a meaningful and timeless manner for future generations.

Christmas Gift: Digital Christmas Tree

CultArm3D team wishes a merry Christmas

Thank you for your interest and  support in our shared passion for 3D digitization of cultural heritage. We wish you happy holidays and if you want to brighten up your home, feel free to use our virtual Christmas tree from the Augmented Reality tab


Exponatec and CultArm3D Showreel

EXPONATEC COLOGNE convinces with pioneering themes and an exceptional mixture of exhibition and event programme. It links the classic core segments of the museum, conservation, restoration and cultural heritage with future-oriented trends like virtual reality, 3D staging and new digital developments in the fields of restoration and scenography.

Event: Deep Fakes

Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double

poses crucial questions about the potency of digital replicas to absorb audiences in enduring emotional encounters with universal art treasures. This exhibition opposes the use of ‘deepfakes’ for manipulation and misinformation, to explore very different perspectives, reimagining objects through advanced computational techniques.

Product Update: CultArm3D FT10

3D-Digitization for wide ranges of artifacts

Often the goals in institutions span across many areas. From creating digital exhibitions, opening up collections for research opportunities or simply conserving artifacts in the most timeless fashion. Therefore many of our partners urged us to create a system for a wider range of artifacts and we developed the CultArm3D FT10, which combines versatility with exceptional quality.

Guest Story: Naturkunde Museum Berlin

Digitizing dinosaurs and the path to virtual exhibitions

When the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MfN) visited the Fraunhofer IGD, they brought a wide collection of objects that up to this point were difficult to capture in 3D. The advantages of digitizing the collection range from conservation to research while also having the opportunity of a digital exhibition that visitors can experience from all across the world.

Fraunhofer IGD

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